5 tracks that killed at rampage

Each year, artist make tunes, especially for their set at Rampage. It’s the biggest bass music party on planet earth, so what better place to test a tune, right? Over the year, many tunes have been premiered at our event, and here we highlight a few of them.

Camo & Krooked: Ember

What can we say? It was an incredible moment when Camo & Krooked dropped this brand new gem for the first time ever, in their already flawless set. The boys are in a league of their own, and they keep proving that with sound experiments that are jampacked with soul and dancefloor power. It was only released 9 months later, still in time to be called ‘Best tune of 2017’.


James Marvel & MC Mota: Trump

James Marvel and his trusty steed, MC Mota, finished this tune the day of Rampage 2017, in order to premiere it at the party. It hit home, especially accompanied by Mota’s fireworks. Literally! The machine gun lyrics, and social comentary and James Marvel superhero soundtrack catapulted this tune to the top of the charts, making it a worthy follow up to 'Way of the Warrior’.


Eptic & FuntCase: Oh Shit

Because Eptic and Funtcase were planning a b2b set for Rampage 2015, they decided to make a tune together as well. They hit the studio to come with this gruesome devil, that was played for the very first time at the Rampage party. Of course! The tune was released days later and rode high in all the charts for weeks to come. A great moment for Rampage too!


Murdock, Submatik & Jenna G: Good Luv (Murdock’s Rampage Rmx)

Murdock, Champion and Wavelen built a little soulful tune for Liquicity and were joined, on vocals, by the ever amazing Jenna G. The tune became the lead track for Liquicity’s Escapism compilation, and got played out all over the place. Because Murdock was looking for a special thing to close his set with, he decided to give the track a twist nobody would expect. It worked!


Murdock & Doctrine: Arena VIP

The official Rampage Anthem of the 2016 edition got a serious rerub especially for the event. While the original had become well known throughout all the trailers and other vids that had been doing the rounds on social media, and had gotten an upload on UKF, it felt like the track needed an unexpected twist for the night itself. Murdock and Doctrine flipped it into a halftime tune, creating a huge WOW-moment for the 15.000 people attending.