SaSaSaS Talk to rampage


1. Can you briefly introduce all the members in the outfit?

You’ve got MC Skibadee, the legendary ‘Iron Lung’ who could easily do 8 hour sets with no problems. MC Shabba D, ‘The Lyrical Dappa’ who has enjoyed major success in DnB but also in a world famous band Zilch 321. Harry Shotta, the World Record holder for the most words in a single with his track Animal. Stormin, the ‘Hype Master’, best known for his seriously energetic style performance on stage. DJ Phantasy, one of the founder members of the DnB scene and is still pushing things forward. Macky Gee, the guy who is changing the sound of Drum & Bass and helping make the jump up style more acceptable across the globe.

2. How did this 6-way collaboration come about?

It started as a ‘one off set’ for a party that Phantasy and Skibadee held but the response was so great, that One Nation, who are one of the biggest promoters in the UK asked if the set could be done again at the legendary Westfest. That night changed everything for the group.

3. Where does the name come from, and what is it in reference to?

The name stands for SKIBADEE & SHABBA & SHOTTA & STORMIN. Not to discount the importance of our DJ’s who provide the music that helps bring those special vibes. SaSaSaS is an extension of the original combination SaS which was Skiba & Shabba, the modern day version of it.

4. Where do you guys feel you are in the UK and the worldwide scene? On the outskirts? Dead centre? Is there a big divide between your world and, say, that of Hospitality or other popular mainstream uk nights?

The UK is very diverse in that we play at shows that have all styles of music in one arena. That’s how it was many years ago before ‘the divide’. We feel that we bring a really energetic and fun element to these shows which is why its caught on so quickly with the different audiences. We would like to think that we are helping bring them all back together as we play all styles of Drum & Bass in our sets and we even play some music from other genres as well. If its great music, there’s a good chance we will play a bit of it. Its all about bringing a special vibe and energy. People work hard all week to go out and have a great time and we want to make sure they do. One thing about music is, if its good, got real energy, no matter what style of music you like, you cant deny that natural vibe and we love to bring them natural vibes when we perform. We perform with smiles on our faces because we love what we do and all we want is the people who party with us to leave with smiles on their faces too.


5. Rampage is very fortunate to have been graced with an anthemby SaSaSaS, but how come there hasn’t been more output?

We loved making that track as our focus was your show, the people who will be there and creating something that was against the grain. We have a load of tracks sitting there waiting to be finished and we have a plan in place so expect some more music from us in the near future.

6. Both the ‘RampageAnthem’ and the DJPhantasy & MackyGee track ‘Transition’ have tempo changes, and link to other genres such as grime, hiphop and garage. Do you have any more plans in those directions?

Yes, we have tracks that are all different tempos and styles. All six members of the group come from different musical backgrounds so when we get together to create music, we all chuck ideas into the melting pot which helps create them vibes.

7. How do you feel about playing Rampage? Is it the biggest crowd you guys will have played to so far?

We are all excited to play at Rampage. We cant wait as we know what an amazing party you guys throw and we cant wait to raise the roof and get ‘that money shot’. The biggest crowd we have played too so far is over 20,000 people at the RedBull Culture Clash and we have also played at sold out shows like Westfest (15,000) and Creamfields to name a few. But going back to Rampage, we just cant wait to get there and join you guys for what is sure to be an epic night. One that we will all remember for years to come. See you guys on the 18th!!!