Noisia - outer edges


If there's one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Noisia are the best. Production and sound design is out of this world and even though their tracks are hard as nails, they still manage to add little hooks that attach themselves somewhere in your brain and never let go. Their recently released album 'Outer Edges' further established their position, with a plethora of tracks, covering every aspect of the bass music spectrum whether it be drum&bass, hiphop or dubstep. And they took it even beyond that. They grasped the opportunity to create an amazing, first-ever audio-visual spectacle and tested it out on the road last summer, to widespread critical acclaim and great success. They are now bringing the biggest version of this show, ever, to the biggest drum&bass and dubstep party in the world - Rampage, and they plan to record the entire show, for the very first time.

You. Want. To. Be. A. Part. Of. This.